Hibachi Reservation
What proteins would you like? (Please list out how many of each) Protein Choices: Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Scallop, Salmon, Vegetables (+Tofu), Filet Mignon (+5), Lobster Tail (+10)
Side orders? Please indicate how many of each! Chicken (+10), Steak (+10), Shrimp(+10), Scallop (+10), Salmon (+10), Vegetables (+Tofu) (+10), Filet Mignon (+15), Lobster Tail (+15), Noodles (+4)
Travel Fee Policy
The company may charge a traveling fee according to the specific address. If necessary, contact customer service for more information.
Terms & Conditions
If it rains, customer is required to provide some type of covering for the chef to cook under so they can stay dry. We can cook under tents, and patios. Customer is responsible for canceling for inclement weather.